Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2020


In preparation for her lecture and presentation of her video essay (UN)FRAMING

Nora Zender sent out a message to the RI members:

Take some time and ask yourself: Who I will be in, let’s say, 10 years?
Which expectations do I have? Which possibilities? Which obstacles do I see? Which expectations does the society I live in have in me (as the person I am right now)? Which expectations does my family have in me? How important is this for me? Which predefined structures (of society/of the state/of my family/ …) I should follow/want to follow/want to avoid?

Try to visualize your thoughts by staging them in a creative format:
Take a selfie showing who you may be in 10 years“
The collection of feedback coming from the RI members
became BLOG ME IN 10 YEARS



To have the story of mine. To get to know myself. To be full of love, desire and courage. To belong everywhere and belong nowhere. To be myself. To find home in myself. And to live.


The question is the following: “Who I will be in, let’s say, 10 years?”

So. I’m in. I’m trying to imagine it. So many images run before my eyes.

But what do I feel? Fear? No. Nausea.

Nausea. Of all those names, terms, definitions such as age, gender, marital status, educational level, place of work and etc.

And I want to go to the forest.

I think again.

Who I will be in 10 years?

And the answer is?

I don’t know. Moreover it’s impossible. And boring. And senseless.

The only thing I would like to say is: I want to be. To be alive, to be present, to exist in this world.

To be able to look at the rays of the sun piercing through the trees, to smell the grass and foliage, to touch, to enjoy, to be in the moment and in the place.

To be somewhere and sometime.

To be.


In 10 years, I would like to do the same as I always do—to explore this world. And become a director.
I don’t think this plan will be fully implemented. Perhaps the world will be destroyed in 10 years and in the struggle for water I will forget my passion for directing. But I plan on continue to love life, although it may be much more difficult to do it.


In 10 years I will be myself. I do not know how to portray myself in a photograph 10 years later, I would not like to associate it with some kind of visual keys of a profession or marital status, since this is not possible to fully predict. It is important how I will be inside myself.
In this photo I convey the emotion of continuous development and opening of new horizons, it is important in 10 years not to lose fire in the eyes, the desire for development, inspiration and interest in life. ’ll probably keep my personal plans in my draft, if you don’t mind 🙂


My face is out of focus because the future is blurry and unpredictable.
In the background, we can see an orange frame with my first certificate from a lawn tennis competition—an inseparable link to the past.
The lizard is the embodiment of a mystical future.
I found Her while walking in Gdynia on my last trip before the borders were closed.
I also saw Gaudi’s lizards, and they also bear a pleasant association inside.
This is my present about the past.
Ten years from now, I want to find someone who is as close to me as the lizard is on my face.
We know that lizards have a super ability—to drop the tail, instead of which a new fresh one grows.
I want this person from my future to constantly surprise and inspire me, constantly changing his tails and behavior, otherwise I will get bored.

A colorful, warm, and twisty future.


In 10 years I would like
to have become a freediver
in order to dive
as deep as possible
and as long as I can