Sonntag, 24. Januar 2021

Memberes of Team Radio Instantopia 2020 give feedback about the project and its result:

Отзыв Инстантопия

Радио Инстантопия – стал для меня большим и увлекательным опытом участия в международном творческом проекте во время мировой пандемии.

Это удивительно, как из коллективного сознания вырисовываются общие направления мысли и идеи, а потом эти идеи воплощаются общими усилиями, невзирая на преграды. Противовесом барьерам и преградам, возникшим в 2020 году, была свобода внутри проекта – спасибо Морису за деликатное руководство.Когда весной, во время начавшейся пандемии, опустели улицы городов – это напоминало о временах войны.

Отпечатками последней глобальной войны изобилует как городское пространство Калининграда, так и Берлина – обширные, ничем не заполненные участки среди городских нагромождений.

Эта пустота была заполненной до войны, также как и пустота, возникшая во время карантина – я читал «Закат Кёнигсберга» и видел аналогичную картину за окном.

Можно даже сказать, что возникновение пандемии и привело нас в итоге к идее переосмысления пустоты, не вечной, а возникшей, наподобие Зоны из «Сталкера» А. Тарковского.
А Радио Инстантопия – комнатой, в которой исполнялись заветные желания

Radio Instantopia 
for me became a delightful experience. I was participating in an international art project in times of world-spread COVID-19 pandemia. It’s amazing how thoughts and ideas looming from collective conscious and then became real, despite all the obstacles and challenges our team had to face. Thanks to guidance from Maurice de Martin, we had a feeling of freedom during whole project. During spring time, when city’s streets became deserted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it started to remind the times of war. Footprints of last global war abound in Kaliningrad so as in Berlin. Vast and deserted, empty spaces in between urban heaps. In the past, this emptiness was filled before the war, the same it was before the emptiness that emerged during COVID-19 quarantine. We could say that COVID019 pandemic drove us to the idea of rethinking emptiness itself, not eternal but arisen like «Zona» from «Stalker» by Tarkovsky and Radio Instantopia is the room where all dreams come true.


Alexander’s personal feedback for Instantopia:
I’m not so good in texts, so my feedback: I like the project. I’m better in music and photos (I think), so:
Music video, live minimal techno  >> Youtube video


Radio instantopia who?
You’re entering a room. Apparently, you’re not but you should imagine. The walls are shining with bright but not aggressive colors. These colors are calming you. You’re associating it with sunset or sunrise. You’re thinking sunsets are more beautiful around someone you care about. Soft empty walls are getting filled with faces. These faces belong to strangers but they look familiar. All of them may have their own rooms—unique for each. You start hearing whispers which are growing up into big and meaningful sounds. What are those: voices, melodies, words, poems? Slowly they’re gaining meaning. Slowly there’re forming their powerful shapes. The shapes now brightly reflect all the colors, words and sounds, all the people, feelings and meanings. The center of the room—an unclear figure—becomes an eternal delightful source of clear energy and inspiration. The shining of immortal art brings peace and love to you and to others.

This seems to me a group art therapy. Sharing is caring. We share ideas and emotions with each other and turn them into a new piece of art. The art which is going to be a healing for us and for others.
Isn’t it the point by design?



>> YouTube